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Weekly Classes

We host an eight week class that is pre-purposed to the children: find moments of mindfulness, develop an awareness of the present moment, allow and label feelings, bring compassionate neutrality to challenges, utilize breath and movement techniques to assist the body’s physical response to stress and help to balance the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.

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Mindfulness 4 Youth regularly hosts Music, Mindfulness, and Movement workshops for families at various locations twice a month. The objectives of the workshops are to:  teach effective techniques to enhance health and well-being with breath, movement, sound, rhythm, and visualization techniques and the building of a new compassionate community.

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Our Impact

We are dedicated in bringing peace to our youth. Research in neuroscience and attention provides evidence that mindfulness and meditation practices strengthen the neural systems of the brain that are responsible for concentration and generating empathy. Becoming more mindful helps children and adolescents better regulate how life circumstances impact their mental health.

We are connecting and working with over 300 hundred teachers, therapists, and other professionals working with teens interested in the intersection between mindfulness and youth work. We all meet at the annual Bridging The Hearts and Minds of Youth conference  in San Diego, CA, and Mindfulness 4 Youth is lucky enough to be facilitating a workshop on working with marginalized teens—those that are adversely impacted by trauma, poverty, drugs, community violence, and oppression.


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