Mindfulness 4 Youth is a non-profit organization, created to bring happiness, compassion and more peace to our youth. Our funding is used to continue the education of our professional instructors and teachers, sponsoring family events as well as raising public awareness for this noble cause

Our goal, is to empower students in underserved communities with mindfulness tools, to understand themselves, increase their self-awareness, and emotions.

We are dedicated to providing eight-week courses and workshops that teach the needed mindfulness skills. This will bring more peace and harmony to their relationships – With themselves and also others around them.

You matter in all of this. Mindfulness 4 Youth is community-run, meaning it’s each of you coming together, volunteering, and being of service that makes it possible for us to help kids, reach  those far & wide, and help people that are under-represented.


• Participating in an Athletic Events

Athletic Events are one of the most rewarding events for charity causes. This type of event can pull crowds of both previous donors and potential new donors. People who care about charity and love athletics are thrilled by the opportunity to do both at once, while the fundraisers can use the time to bond with donors. If you're planning an athletic event to raise awareness of your cause, Mindfulness 4 Youth can help you access the funds required to better your life or someone else's. Giving back, pushing you athletically, and working in a group can contribute to the amazingly rewarding experience of holding an athletic fundraiser event.


• Birthday/Holiday Fundraisers

Having a fundraiser as your birthday/holiday party is a wonderful way to celebrate the special occasion. And since fundraisers are just parties with a purpose, everyone will have fun as they help out a worthy cause! Turn your next special occasion into a party with a purpose of planning with Mindfulness 4 Youth. Whether you are celebrating your birthday, wedding, or any holiday event, the funds you raise through Mindfulness 4 Youth will help spread our message of peace and love to people around the world.


• Online Auction/Yard Sale

Holding an online auction/ yard sale, as part of your fundraising, is the modern way to dispose of unused properties while also supporting a great cause. There are lots of benefits in doing so, especially because people, who purchase things at yard sales, as well as on the web, can go beyond your own network; you can also expand your pool of potential donors. If you want to hold an online auction/yard sale, you have our full support. Just as Mindfulness 4 Youth have found previous success in doing so, we know you can gain massive benefit from such efforts.


• Interactive Video Fundraisers

Raising money for charity is such a fulfilling experience, but it can also be perplexing even at the best of times. We all need a bit of motivation to uncover innovative and wacky methods to raise money for a good cause. Give your donors that extra push to interact on their own social media by providing video incentives for doing so. Mindfulness 4 Youth will help you discover your hidden talents, brush off your dusty creative hat, and get going with some ingenious fundraising ideas to raise money online.


• One Day Email Blast Fundraiser

An email blast to all your supporters, friends, relatives, etc., is without a doubt the most effective and fastest way to get donations and get out of the gate quickly. An Email Blast Fundraiser provides a significant stream of income for many nonprofit and cause-based groups. However, this technique requires your recipients to take action. First, you need to get your recipients to open the email and then you need to get them to respond to your message. Mindfulness 4 Youth will ensure that you reach your target audience at the right time with an emotional and impactful story, as well as all the additional information you’ll need to make an informed donation.


• Donation Matching Drive 

Many organizations make use of donation matching drive as a way to make a bigger impact with their contribution. When a company matches a donation, that means that every time its employee makes a contribution to an eligible nonprofit, the company will match the donation, doubling the donation made. Mindfulness 4 Youth will make your donation matching drive program to be successful. We will create an easy process for donors to submit matching donation requests and ensure your employees are familiar with the process.




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First please help donate to our campaign and we thank you so much for your support in our cause to make our world a better place.




After donating please invite friends, family, share on all your social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. and ask others to join you. 


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